[Prototype] 2D multiplayer shooting game

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This is a prototype for an HTML5 multiplayer game I'm making. This prototype is actually defunct as I'm now starting up a new game--a 3D multiplayer game, in fact. The data and experienced gained from the development of this prototype will be used for the success of the 3D multiplayer game.

Some of the technical aspects:

Initially, socket.io was used to establish real-time communication between the client and the server, but the ws WebSocket library was then migrated to.

A client-server protocol of binary data is primarily used to share game state between the clients and the server.

On the client-side, the Phaser game development framework is used to render the game and perform client-side collision detection. On the server-side, a small and simple custom made game headless game engine made with Node.js is used to manage game state and also distribute the game state to the connected game clients.

How to play:

To move, use the WASD keys.

To shoot, aim with the mouse and press the left mouse button in the direction that you want to shoot in.

You can shoot and eliminate other connected players, making them respawn after five seconds.

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