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Container cacheAsBitmap makes a weird diagonal line

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Hi, I'm new to Pixi and couldn't find anyone with the same problem so here I am.

I have a container full of black squares (drawn with Graphics) to hide parts of the map, like a fog of war. Some have their alpha set to 0 to reveal what's underneath (I know there are a million better ways to do that but MVP first, optimizations later).

The problem is when I set

cacheAsBitmap = true

on the container, a weird diagonal line appears.


This container can be very big and doesn't change much so it makes sense to cache it. Is there something I'm missing or is this a bug?

I am literally doing nothing else to it, it'a at 0,0 of the parent container (the stage) and just contains Graphics objects.

I'll try to reproduce the issue in a Codepen, thanks to anyone who can help.

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