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melonJS 6.3.0

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on this Christmas Eve, I'm happy to be able to "put" a new 6.3.0 version of melonJS under your virtual Game Dev Christmas tree :)

The menu today will be the following :

  • the WebGL renderer went through some heavy internal changes to align it with the Canvas one in terms of graphic rendering, allowing to stroke and/or fill all shapes properly (see here for a simple example of the final result, demonstrating shape drawing + alpha blending + mask/clipping in WebGL).
  • on top of the API improvement for shape drawing, the WebGL renderer has also been greatly optimised in terms of memory usage or shape drawing operations (faster, better, stronger)
  • renderable now support rendering mask in both Canvas and WebGL mode, by simply adding a me.Shape mask object to any renderable. This feature is pretty cool, works with any object inheriting from me.Renderable (Container, Sprite, etc...) and is the easiest ever to use :)
  • audio core has been updated, and improve the audio unlock features (since desktop browser now also need that...)
  • other small fixes here and there to make all the elves secretly running your game loop happier :)

See here as well for a more detailed changelog, there is only one API change but in a backward compatible way, so you can safely upgrade without breaking your game :)

Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas !

--- the melonJS team 

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