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TexturePacker Animations Problem

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Hi all, been trying to use the .animations feature of texturepacker for a small animated icon, but for some reason It's not finding the animations object even though it's detected and visible in the generated json file?

Any clues on something probably obvious that I'm missing here, or has something changed?

Error I get is Cannot read property 'electron' of undefined.  Have also tried adding both .spritesheet and .textures to the sheet declaration.

If I use .textures in the sheet declaration and use a single sprite it is fine, so it's definately loading the json file correctly


class ScoreIcon extends PIXI.Container{
        let sheet = PIXI.loader.resources["./assets/electronAtlas.json"];
        this.sprite = new PIXI.extras.AnimatedSprite(sheet.animations["electron"]);
export default ScoreIcon;


Annotation 2019-01-02 123613.jpg

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6 minutes ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

Which version of pixi do you use? You have enough experience to open debugger and look inside spritesheet loader to ensure that json animations were parsed correctly.

Currently on 4.8.1 but just updating that now.  No errors in loading it in the debugger that I can see (if I'm looking in the right place here)

Annotation 2019-01-02 125030.jpg

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