Lag on the first play when swapping animation using onComplete callback in PIXI animatedSprite from two spritesheets

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I've loaded two animations in Pixi with spritesheets. I wanna swap to second animation right after the first animation is finished.

animation0.onComplete = function() { // animation0 and animation1 are two animatedSprite while animation0.loop = false and animation1.loop = true
    animation0.renderable = false;
    animation1.x = 100;
    animation1.y = 100;
    animation1.renderable = true; 

However, (It's happen with a 3840x1080 resolution, and the GPU memory usage is mainly fall between 90%-99%)

1. there's a significant lag of the transition between these two animations in the first time.

2. After the first play, if I remove and add the animatedSprite from the stage immediately, the transition is very smooth.  

3. After the first play, If I remove the 2 animatedSprite from the stage, wait for ~2-3 minutes and add the 2 animatedSprite into the stage again, the transition is lagging again.

I wanna know the proper way of swapping two animation in Pixi and also the reason of this phenomenon.

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Texture upload to videomemory lags. 

After 2-3 minutes of not drawing particular texture, pixi GC unloads it. Use `prepare` plugin and turn off the Gc.




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