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Generating textures from large image

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Hello :) 

I'm building an app that will allow the user to draw different primitive shapes on the image ( circles, rectangle ... ) as well as scale and rotate them. 

The problem is in the size of the image. The images being used are around ( 25000 x 5000 px ) and its to high to load that into PIXI.TextureCache . The images won't have any interactivity to them except the zoom and pan functions. I'm looking for an efficient way how to do that . I was thinking maybe loading image on the separate off screen canvas and splitting it on smaller chunks that will be loaded into the Texture object, or maybe splitting images on the server and generating the spreed sheet of 512 x 512 px tiles. But i don't have a clue how to do that :D ( i do but it's a really small clue ) 

- How can i implement images this big ?

- Should i choose different library for this ? ( I really like performance of pixi.js but if you have something in mind feel free to say )

I'm looking forward for your feedback, thanks for reading this and cheers :) .

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Split all and handle multiple resolutions and only load higher resolution based on what's displayed and the zoom level. It's a lot of work? Hell yes but that's what a pro like you must do to earn his living and deliver a good software.

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