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Best way to trim texture

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I've seen this question before, has anything changed? I need to get texture(s) from spritesheet, sometimes texture needs to be cut in several ones and placed in different sprites, previous answer only took texture from img src and it was something more complicated than it should be for task this simple

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still "new PIXI.Texture(baseTexture, frame, trim, orig, rotate)". Frame is obvious, but sometimes you need extra stuff,  and i cant explain other params in this thread, look in the docs. After 2-3 fails you'll get it :)

I dont know how to make it easier. If you want to make it even easier - propose an API for it. Yes, sometimes in private code I use methods that actually cut texture region to more texture regions, for example for NineSlice or to sort objects in isometry and cut sprites with multiple vertical lines. This is one of such attempts for pixi-v4:  but it doesnt have nor good API's nor docs.

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