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Bit Fantasy - Bitcoin enabled RPG (Phaser)

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Hi all :)


Bit Fantasy is an HTML5 Multiplayer RPG that has been live for just less than a year now as an "early access" style game where people can help crowdfund the idea while it is in development.  The unique points of this game are that there are no microtransactions and no commission for trading items with other players. We've had people from opposite sides of the world sell things they crafted to each other for real Bitcoin :)


It started in a very basic form as part of the "release early, release often"  ethos, to allow people to play it while it was developed.   The very first version didn't even required javascript to be enabled  :o


The UI is now being rewritten to be smoother and better looking, and Phaser has been very nice for that. The game has an infinite world so loads tiles from the server as the players move around, players can build their own locations and roads etc..


Here's a preview of the new smoother UI we are working on.







If you want to try the current version of Bit Fantasy it's at   - there's a free trial, you just need a bitcoin address.


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