How to draw a partial circle ?

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The Phaser.Graphics object extends PIXI.Graphics, so it contains the same methods. You need arcTo, not arc. This is a bit confusing because the docs aren't updated, but the source is available here so you can determine the correct methods and signatures:

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calling,  this.clockArc = new Phaser.Graphics.arcTo(800, 50, 850, 80, 20);


doesn't work. The JS console tells me that Phaser.Graphics is ok, but there's no arcTo(). Also, surely if Phaser.Graphics extends PIXI.Graphics it should also have PIXI.Graphics.arc() ?

I'm using phaser.min.js if that makes any difference.


Sorry, I'm pretty new at this JavaScript programming, you may have to go slow at explaining things to me.

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Your syntax is wrong - you need to create a Graphics instance first - see this example:


Essentially,, y) is a factory method that conveniently creates a new Graphics instance. You can make the instance yourself with new Phaser.Graphics(game, x, y) too if you wish. Think of the Graphics instance as a canvas with which to draw on. You can then use arcTo and other methods on this instance to draw shapes on it.


Using a minified copy of Phaser should not make any difference so long as the version number is correct.

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