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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I've just noticed that the ParticleContainer doesn't seem to support blendModes. I thought previously it had worked when the tint property had been set to true, but may have imagined it. This still a current limitation?
  2. Hello html5game dev forum people! Big news over in the pixi camp! We have just released the latest and greatest version of pixi.js for you to play with and make more cool stuff! Lots more detail can be found on our goodboy blog. But heres the list of new stuff / tweaks included in the latest version: New features: WebGL FiltersAdded Sprite Tinting (canvas and webGL)Added Sprite blend modes (canvas and webGL)Added webGL context loss handlingNew webGL rendererRestructured the canvas rendererAdded ability to have multiple renderers on one web pageAdded support for trimmed sprite sheetsAdd a Contributing GuideAdd an Atlas Spritesheet loader (#444, @MKelm)Implement swapChildren (#431, @namuol)Add base64 support to asset loader (#414, @mattdesl)Add totalFrames to PIXI.MovieClip (#315, @MikkoH)Add uniform sprite sheet loader (#311, @alaa-eddine)Make Interactive dom element configurable (#321, @MikkoH)Add AMD export (#267)Implement travis-ci and jshint integration (thanks @drkibitz)webGL renderer is now fully compatible with IE11Fully compatible with Cocoon.js (@ekelokorpi)Fixed issue where PIXI.TilingSprite required a power of two texture. It now accepts any texture.Added new tint exampleAdded new blendMode exampleAdded cacheAsBitmap to PIXI.Graphics object. Useful for complex graphics objects. Also a great way to guarantee antialiasing on graphics objects in webGL as it renders using canvasAdded generateTexture to PIXI.Graphics object. This function returns a PIXI.Texture of the graphics object. Useful if the graphics objects as is used multiple timesAdded AlphaMaskFilter Bug Fixes Fix issue where urls have http in the resource (#443, @sirflo)Fix IE11 check (#442, @photonstorm)Fix issues where nested Masking was not working correctly in webGLFix cursor style for interactive sprites (#347, @lain-dono)Fix issues with texture destroy (#415, @mattdesl)Fix incorrect BitmapText width (#425, @jcd-as)Fix issue with query params on asset loader (#400, @hugeen)Fix transparent background on objects (#286, @mdoch)Fix problems with event emitter (#187, @johnste)Fix handling of black colors (#288)Fix an issue with empty masks (#313)Fix detector code (#358, @mattdesl)Fix issues with IE ajaxFix misc bugs with PIXI.GraphicsFix issue with removing children with filtersFix a bunch of documentation errorsFix setText to be on proper prototype (#330)Redundant code removed from SpineLoader and SpriteSheetLoader (@Nibbler999)Big thanks to everyone who contributed to this pixi release! We all hope you enjoy using pixi.js 1.4 https://github.com/GoodBoyDigital/pixi.js
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