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Found 1 result

  1. This was entirely accidental. I was adding large voxel maps (126x126x32) together with Mesh.MergeMeshes and trying to have them self-cast shadows. I was testing frame rates on a few computers to see which techniques were better for performance. A strange and buggy texture appeared on everything that looks like stripes, but for whatever reason it is lighter near the outwards facing edges of meshes and darker towards the inner edges. I think it looks like ambient occlusion. Before fixing it, I figured I should take a few pictures in case it was the type of thing worth trying to reproduce in the future. Sorry if this is just some normal thing that shadows do, for me it was a surprise. The interesting looking "bug": How my game usually looks: Example of the performance test, this used to be 9 meshes, but I merged them into one. Some of the meshes were 5 MB+ of voxel noise converted to meshes via magicavoxel. The striped pattern (not a texture, i have no textures) is visible in the pink area, meanwhile all of the voxels in the distance look like they're being shaded. The tree and the stairs behind it got some special texture and shading. Normally the steps on the stairs aren't even distinctly visible b/c they're the same color and I've done nothing to make them pop out. Just seeing this makes me want to add some textures or maybe learn about shaders.
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