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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, Hope you are doing well, Genieee is a leading game development company. Right now we have a platform where we sell html5 games. It is a HTML5 game market like Flash licensing works and that you rank good in search engines. Number of clients come to visit our site daily and have good rankings in top search engines. Do you have any games which you wanted to sell? please provide us links we will show it to our client and once client approve it you will get your price What do we do with your link? We will put that link in our website and show it to our clients but that games should not have any of your logo or any out link In short you no need to give us your game, your game will be yours only till the client purchases it from our platform. You can sell your game to any other client ? Yes, you can sell your game to any of your client any time and inform us we will remove your link it from our website When will games sell? we can not predict when your game will sell, as we said earlier your game will be yours only till our client purchases it. If you add your game on our platform and selling takes time. You are free to sell your game any of your buys. We will remove your game from our site. What is the price range? you are free to decide your game price if client will approve it we will inform you What is our percentage? you no need to pay our fees. Once you decide your price we will add our percent in that and give it to the customer. That way you will get your game price. Looking forward healthy professional relationship Genieee
  2. Hello, guys. New game available for licensing - If you interest - send me PM
  3. My name is Yu Cheng, and I'm a product manager from Nixi Technology. We are interested in buying games from studios or individuals. The game type we are looking for is "Endless Runner" which means "it require the player to navigate a character through gaps in walls, and require very little else, scoring mainly by how far the player can go before an inevitable crash as the player character automatically scrolls through the game". If you have this kind of games and would like to sell your games (licenses) and do a little bit modification for us, then please contact me either with this sites' internal message or you can email me at:
  4. Hi, guys. I selling my html5 games templates: 1. Tap 10 Sec - HTML5 Game + Mobile Version! (Construct-2 CAPX) 2. Retro Speed - HTML5 Game + Mobile Version! (Construct-2 CAPX) 3. Save Rocket - HTML5 Game + Mobile Version! (Construct-2 CAPX)