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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, MightyEditor will be updated, planned update time 1h here are the latest updates for MightyEditor: Now it's possible to save the project state! There are 2 new options under Projects dropdown menu: Save - saves the current project state (uses the current datetime (iso format) as the name) Save as... - allows the user to name the state Saved states are located under MyMighty -> SavedStates tab. Home button moved from Project -> Home dropdown to the logo in the top left corner. New map option added - pixelPerfectPicking. Useful if you have sprites with high opacity. You
  2. Hi, in the next few minutes MightyEditor will be updated. * Now, MightyEditor can compile Android APK packages in both debug and release modes using Crosswalk Project (https://crosswalk-project.org/) Regarding the release build - MightyEditor will generate a keystore for every user and will use it to sign all the user's games. When compiling is finished MightyEditor will send an email containing a link to an APK and your keystore (attached). For already created projects ME will provide generic manifest.json and default icon. You can create your own manifest.json and upload launcher.png (12
  3. Hello, in the next few minutes update will be deployed on the server. It might take up to 10 minutes. With the update following changes will be applied:Project expire countdown added - older projects will start countdown from March 1st. All new projects will expire after 30 days. After project expire - it will be moved to the trash and after 7 more days it will be wiped. export minified version: ME will parse index.html and automatically minify css and js files and will put all files in the one minified file. ME will skip already minified files, e.g. phaser.min.js - check is based on filena
  4. Hi, tomorrow (February 18th) following changes will be applied. there might be small downtime approx (1 - 5 minutes) * atlas: - export to *.js(on) - assets will have correct atlas specified - after atlas info update (upload new data file) - all objects will be updated and will show correct frames - while creating new object from texture atlas ME will try to guess object name based on frame information - panels will remember scrolling positions after switching tabs in the preview area * source editor: - autocomplete automatically will show up on typing (you can disable it - MyMighty ->
  5. Hello, here is the list of changes that are implemented with the February 10th update: show system fonts button - allows to pick local system font - useful to prototype text very fast - remember - if you want to use font everywhere - you still need to upload font to the MightyEditor (to collect installed fonts ME uses flash plugin - so button wont work if you have flash plugin disabled)advanced font uploader - drag and drop font file (*.ttf) and MightyEditor will do all for you:convert file to most used font formatsgenerate font-facefont downloader - enter any font name from https://www.
  6. Hello, today's update contains following changes: all new projects will have Phaser 2.2.2exposed scaling options http://docs.phaser.io/Phaser.ScaleManager.html#toc2 to the editor's UI - will work only on new projects (requires phaser 2.2) added go to line plugin ( ctrl + l ) in source editoradded paste in place option ( ctrl + shift + v )added option to change project title ( MyMighty -> Personalize -> title ) - user must be logged inmoved Asset and Object panel sub menu items to the first level for quicker accessdrag and drop asset directly on the map
  7. Hello, During the last month we have made the following new features: * user accounts - we have received complaints about lost projects, a user could just clear the browser's cache to clean recent project list and if he forgot to bookmark or save the project link the project might be lost forever. Now you can sign in with Github / Google / Facebook - or just create a local account and access a list of all your projects. Also you should know that users are resolved by email address - so you can sign in with Github or Google into same account. * subscribe options - if you like this proj
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