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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Everyone ! I am currently working on an 'indoor' project and can't manage to solve an issue. I would like to render a room with a ceiling light. I am working with StandardMaterial only. I use a single pointLight to avoid heavy computations with multiple lights. Every mesh both cast and receive shadows. To see non-directly-illuminated mesh, I also use an ambientColor on every material on the scene. Thanks to Deltakosh's answers on a previous post, I managed to get correct shadows using Close Exponential Shadow Map by stretching my scene into a unit cube and setting the depthScale of the shadowGenerator to 1. I use shadowGenerator.setDarkness(0) to ensure shadows are the most dark as possible. However, even if these shadows are correct, they are way too light to be seen in my scene. I think this is both due to the depthScale and the fact that receiving-shadows-mesh material have an ambientColor. I thought about apply a filter directly in the shadows texture to increase level of gray in the entire image but I don't know how to get this texture and how to apply filter before the render. Do you know how to do that ? Or any ideas on how to reach my goal ? Because the room I would like to render is fully dynamic, I think I cannot use tricks like static lightMapping. PS : Here is a PG showing my problem. I would like the shadow to be darker. Thank you very much !
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