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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, I am trying to create a simple platform game, where when my player (sprite) collide with a flame, player lose a live and it must restart in a start position X and Y. Problem is , when player jump on flame, it lost a life, but physics.arcade let it fall again on flame , so I lost another life and so on until game gone in gameover. How can I solve? THX
  2. hello guys when i put this code to my little game , the game going to be freeze! i just want to set that when player collide with enemies , the player destroy. how can i do this ? here is my full code : and this is the code that freezing my game : game.physics.arcade.collide(plane, enemies, collisionHandler, null, this); game.physics.arcade.collide(enemies, enemies); function collisionHandler() { plane.destroy(); }