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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I suppose this question goes out to Dad72, but if anyone has the answer, please chime in on this post. I'm using a color picker object (button and function) in the CastorGUI extension. Currently, it appropriately displays the color which is set in the color picker dialog box. However, I need to also change the color of this button to represent other color input controls when needed. Below is the following code example: var create_color_GUI = function() { // GUI manager var callback = function() { var pick_color = colorSelector.getColor(); }; colorSelector = new CASTORGUI.GUIColor("pick_color", { x: 1085, y: 510, w: 40, h: 40 }, guisystem, callback); }; Is there any way to set the rgba value for the button to be different from the color picked using the color picker dialog box? I tried setting this, but I couldn't get this to change color so I assume it isn't supported. If not, how might I set up a seperate CasorGUI button to call the color picker? I haven't spent much time on this yet, but haven't had any success in the time I spent working on it this evening. Also, if someone can provide a code example of a CastorGUI slider control with most of the properties and options shown, as well as the "get value" usage, this would save me considerable time experimenting with what I need for my GUI sliders - which I primarily need for video playback controls. Thanks! DB EDIT: Just to be clear on calling the color picker with a seperate GUI button, I need to call the color picker dialog box without displaying and/or having to click on the color picker GUI button. So either this - or the ability to set and change the color of the color picker button seperate from the last color pick is what is required. Also, I do have a good example from a post by ConnorsFan, but I am missing how to extract the value of the slider, and how to take advantage of all of the options available for the slider control, such as color, style, and added image file representing the slider control elements - Thanks.
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