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Found 2 results

  1. I'm loading models from .babylon files. All my .babylon files are named data.babylon and each is placed in a folder named after the model. (e.g. cat/data.babylon) Due to the .babylon files being exported with the same name, there are sometimes naming conflicts in materials ids, e.g. "data.Multimaterial#0" can appear as a materialId in both cat/data.babylon and dog/data.babylon. Whenever there's a conflict, there's a problem in the rendering of the conflicted material in one of the models during runtime. Is it possible to avoid the conflict, while still exporting all my .babylon files with the name data.babylon?
  2. having trouble figuring this one out. see the following playground reference http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1KUECA#1 you should see a cube that should have a red overlay. If you don't see the red overlay, then comment out the "var grassTex = " line and run it again. can't figure out why the texture constructor is interfering with the overlay in all of my test scenarios. the causal factor seems to be the procedural texture constructor, because when i comment that out, the overlay returns. is this a bug or is something else going on here?
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