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Found 1 result

  1. The gaming industry has been thriving for quite a few years now. Even though it may not get as much recognition as Hollywood and the music industry in the mainstream media, no one can deny that the gaming industry has experienced exponential growth in the last few years and it seems like the growth is not going to stop anytime soon. According to the Entertainment Retailers Association, game development companies in the UK, China, USA, Japan and Germany are making huge profits from producing games. It is estimated that the gaming industry globally is worth £75 billion and the UK gaming industry alone may be worth £3.86 billion. With a success rate so high, companies with mere ideas collaborate with established game developing companies in order to cash in on the ever-growing gaming industry. With concepts and ideas, you can reach out to a game development company in the UK and expect a positive outcome for your business. How to Get Started? As established in this article, due to a great profit value, several game development companies have popped up all over the UK. However, it is incredibly important for you to research your options well before you decide to do business with any particular game development company in the UK. What to Look for While Hiring a Game Development Company in the UK? The gaming industry is huge with new technologies springing up every now and then, giving birth to new genres and types of games, such as PC, console, augmented and virtual reality games. Make sure that before you collaborate with a game development company in the UK, you find out if they offer services for development of games that work over a range of platforms. With different companies in the UK, you may get a various set of skills and services, but there are a few characteristics that you must look for before you make the final call: Programming Coding is something that is an extremely important part of a game as it practically forms the basic structure on which the game works. A slight mistake in coding could lead to the entire gameplay crashing. Hence, ask for examples of their previous works and judge how the programming/coding appears to be for the projects. Game Design The more creative and unique a game, the better are the chances of it becoming a hit among gamers. Game Design is another extremely important aspect of game development. In order to make a game that is loved and able to garner a lot of attention, ask for a portfolio where they showcase excellent creative writing, computers science/programming and graphic design. Marketing Even though marketing isn’t directly connected to game development, it still is an important aspect of any business. Reputation is the key, so make sure that the company you’re looking to hire has had several years of experience in marketing as well as developing. The thriving gaming industry in the UK makes it almost impossible for a game to fail after its launch. However, do not just depend on that. Be smart and hire a game developing company in the UK that maintains a good standard of work and has a stellar reputation in the industry.