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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I've recently got into HTML5 and so far liking it very much compared to native development. However, these days I just cannot seem to do anything without having some kind of editor to work with, I have a strong disliking towards typing lots and drawing things out on paper!. Anyway, I've released my new personal project which is an HTML5 game maker that is available (Windows only at the moment) for free to anyone that is interested in HTML5 game development. It comes complete with a built in easy to use, fast, compact (around 70k) open source game engine that's packed with features. T
  2. I need you to review the code of my new render engine or at least use it so you can give me feedback and report errors, if you need new documentation or anything just tell me. I'll add more things to the engine I'm tiking about support for 3D graphics and that a lot of code that will be added so I want to make sure that the current code works correctly. this is the repo: https://github.com/LuisHerasme/dibujo When I have this complete I will continue working in my game engine https://github.com/LuisHerasme/LienzoEngine My github page. https://luisherasme.github.io/
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