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Found 1 result

  1. I am really confused about: pipeline = new BABYLON.DefaultRenderingPipeline(...) VS pipeline = new BABYLON.StandardRenderingPipeline(...) VS postProcess = new BABYLON.ImageProcessingPostProcess(..) To me all of them are post processing. So I don't understand.. When should I use each? Can I combine all three together? I see that the standard has things that the default pipeline doesn't have. I also see that the standard is "no longer mantained" but it has awesome features like volumetric light, dirt camera, adaptive HDR. How am I supposed to do all that with the default rendering pipeline? I see no explanation of that.. I also see the var ssao = new BABYLON.SSAORenderingPipeline(..)... making things even more confusing What is the best practice if I want to combine most of the effects? I want to combine: Dirt Adaptive HDR Bloom Vignette MSAA Grain ColorCurves LUT color correction Vignette DOF Lens Flare Volumetric lighting is gone from default pipeline too? (I had almost all these postprocessing effects in place in ThreeJs, and I need them now in my Babylon Project) Thanks in advance P.S: I am looking at these pages: