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Found 1 result

  1. hi, this is weird, but I add a sprite to the loader bar, (first load texture, when texture it's loaded I create sprite var, and when sprite width/height is correct detected (on the first frame it's show 1), then I add to stage, and everything it's ok, the problem it's before that I do: this.logo.interactive = true; this.logo.buttonMode = true; = this.logo.touchstart = this.clickLogo.bind(this); but the function clickLogo never call, clickLogo:function() { alert("QQQQ")'MY LINK!!!/'); }, all other links on my game works, so, is there some problem to call events on loader? (I make this code on the loader.js class, and swapChildren my logo for the barFg, so this way the bar is over my logo. thanks! EDIT: I forgot to mention, no debugs errors at all, just the event's don't fired