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  1. Hey guys, I am currently working on a litte project but I need to have a way to check if between two different Meshes theres another one. The current Situation is, that the Ray ignores Walls and just goes through them and so I get meshes which are behind obstacles. For an example: I want to make some kind of this: http://babylonjs-playground.com/#1QF77H#2 --- Important here is, that the waypoints in my Code are imported by Blender and are saved in an Array (TP), if this maks any difference... The problem is, I cannot transfer this into my code, and I since now I invested about 2 hours of testing an rewriting things but I always get far too many points.Maybe the problem is the if-statement in line 12 (screen). I really hope you guys can help me Shakes EDIT: Sorry for all grammar and/or other mistakes :/
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