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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everybody, I'm looking for a way to get a ground in my scene with the same exact color of the background (scene.clearColor), that reflects the meshes above it and that displays shadows casted by a light on receiving objects. I tried to use EnvironmentHelper to get this result but I always have a halo on the ground, see the following playground: Is there a way to avoid that halo so that the color of the ground is the same as the background? I don't want the user see the ground at all, I only want shadows and mirroring. I tried also to use the BackgroundMaterial directly but without success (see playground) I tried then to create the ground and the materials by hand but as in the following playground, but I have a problem to show shadows and reflections at the same time. Also, to get the same color of the background I set gammaSpace to true on the MirrorTexture but I get a reflection too dark (and no shadows). I saw that exists ShadowOnly material that shows only shadows. Is there a similar material with mirroring too? Any suggestions are welcome, thanks, Matteo
  2. Hello, Is there a way to efficiently mirror imported/created meshes in Babylon? The obvious way would be to set the scaling of the desired mirror axis to -1, so that it could be part of the same draw call as the original mesh as far as i understand, but that inverts the normals also, which is generally undesired, and I haven't found a function to flip normals back the KISS way in babylon. (But many gems are still undocumented in babylon, so it might exist?)