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Found 2 results

  1. So i want to add listener to when the sprite goes out of bounds of the screen. It doesn't seem to fire up. Am I missing something? I saw a post here about this but it uses this.physics.world.on("worldbounds".. but isn't there a way to encapsulate the listener inside a new Sprite child class? Btw is there a list of events i can listen to? Thanks! class Meteor extends Phaser.Physics.Arcade.Sprite{ constructor(scene,x,y,key_texture,frame){ super(scene,x,y,key_texture,frame); this.scene = scene; this.scene.addToWorld(this); this.scene.physics.add.existing(this,false)
  2. Hi, I was wondering which one would be. I have set the game's viewport to 800x600 and the world bounds to 2048x1024. The player moves and the camera follows it. I want to dynamically load the tiles that are in the bounds of the viewport while the player moves around and kill the ones that are out. I was naively trying to kill() onOutOfBounds and then revive() onEnterBounds. Did not work but i don't know why. Apparently behind scenes is doing: !this.game.world.bounds.intersects(this._bounds)So i tried to replicate the functionality building an array of the killed tiles onOutOfBounds and,
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