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Found 1 result

  1. I want to be able to tween my pause menu when I hit pause, but it seems that if game.pause = true, tweens do not work anymore. My game is p2 physics based, and I got around the problem py using game.physics.p2.paused. All was fine, but now I am using timed events for kinematic objects, and it is not working properly anymore (as the time keeps running in the background while game is 'paused'). I have my timed events like this: * moveInfos[index].timetomove, this.moveToPoint, this).autoDestroy = true; So is it possible to pause the game and still be able to have tweens, or another way to solve this problem would be to individually pause all user setted timed events? Is there an array of timeouts set by the user somewhere to be find? Or is this possible yet?