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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, i´m creating an editor to make printable shirts and I use three js with pixi js. My objects like shirt or cup is in three js and workplace like canvas, where I can edit everything is from PIXI. And that is a problem I think so. My container has dimensions like 4000x4000 ... I know, its huge, Buut there is no a lots of object, so where can be problem with performance? This is highly in Firefox, where in smallest texture (product stone15) is FPS about 2-7..... Its horrible low! What I´m doing wrong and how I can fix it to make better performance mainly in Chrome and Firefox? This product is little bit better http://localhost:8080/index.html?product=stone15 This is really horrible in both chrome and firefox: http://localhost:8080/?product=tricko_polyester_unisex This is good in chrome but bad in firefox: http://localhost:8080/?product=cup&type=white Here you can find my sources https://github.com/kstroka/myeditor Thank you for your response and I´ll be refund you if you can help me!
  2. hi, my problem is that i'm not able to use canvas as texture for my sprite. i tried to write the following code, someone can help me telling what i wrong? the code: <body> <script src="file:///C|/Program Files (x86)/js/pixi.js/bin/pixi.js"></script> <script src="file:///C|/Program Files (x86)/js/pixi.js/pixi-lights-master/bin/pixi-lights.js"></script> <script> var LightRenderer = new PIXI.lights.WebGLDeferredRenderer(1355, 700), MainRenderer = new PIXI.autoDetectRenderer(1355, 700), LightStage = new PIXI.Container(), MainStage = new PIXI.Stage(0x000000), lightOnDeveloper = new PIXI.lights.PointLight(0xffffff,4) PIXI.loader .add('bg','maschera.png') .add('bg_normal','maschera_n.png') .add('block_diffuse', 'developer_2.png') .add('block_normal', 'developer_normal.png') .load(function (loader, res) { var bg = new PIXI.Sprite(res.bg.texture); var block = new PIXI.Sprite(res.block_diffuse.texture); bg.normalTexture = res.bg_normal.texture; block.normalTexture = res.block_normal.texture; block.position.set(100,70); LightStage.addChild(bg); LightStage.addChild(block); var ambientLight = new PIXI.lights.AmbientLight(0xFFFFFF,0.7); ambientLight.position.set(100,100); LightStage.addChild(ambientLight); LightStage.addChild(lightOnDeveloper); LightRenderer.view.addEventListener('mousemove', function (e) { var rect = e.target.getBoundingClientRect(); lightOnDeveloper.position.x = e.clientX - rect.left; lightOnDeveloper.position.y = e.clientY - rect.top; }); animate(); }); function animate() { requestAnimationFrame(animate); LightRenderer.render(LightStage); } document.body.appendChild(MainRenderer.view); var canvas = LightRenderer.view; var LightStageBaseTexture = new PIXI.BaseTexture.fromCanvas(canvas,PIXI.SCALE_MODES.LINEAR); var LightStageTexture = new PIXI.Texture(LightStageBaseTexture);var spriteLightStage = new PIXI.Sprite.(LightStageTexture);MainStage.addChild(LightStageTexture);// other code to add sprite to MainStageanimateMainStage();function animateMainStage() { requestAnimationFrame(animateMainStage);MainRenderer.render(MainStage);} </script> </body>i would like to know why the canvas don't display and why it isn't update. thanks in advance!
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