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  1. Hi Guys Basically i'm making a game that is basically a water level. I've been fooling around with tiled and I have something kinda ok (see 1st attached image) but getting that to display properly is really frustrating me! Any help would be appreciated! Here's the gist - on my tiled_collision_layer is the walls and 2 platforms.On the tiled_animated_layer (object layer) is all the seaweed. I added the seaweed to the object layer because I wanted to add in all those to phaser as sprites and have them tween at different angles at different times.Trying to produce a swaying effect, like they were under water. I'm bringing in the objects layer with the this.levelMap.createFromObjects(blah, blah, blah...)and assigning them to a group. Like the official phaser example: http://examples.phaser.io/_site/view_full.html?d=tilemaps&f=create+from+objects.js&t=create%20from%20objects That did not work - the sprites that did make over are hidden behind the walls and platforms and are not in the same positions that they are in Tiled. In Tiled I have rotated them and placed them without respect to the grid (see attachment 2). Am I barking up the right tree here? Should I be using Tiled for the seaweed at all? Should I just add the sprites manually in a group in phaser an tween them from there. I assume that would be costly and doing this tiled/tilemaps gives better performance. Any ideas/experiences on working with object layers? Thank you.
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