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Found 1 result

  1. So I am having issues with videoTextures and createInstance. I thought it was related to alphaBlending/mode and what not, but I am able to get it working perfectly if I just use clone or without createInstance. So I am wondering if it's an issue with video texture, or just my createInstance implementation in my custom shader (though I use the same code elsewhere for createInstance with non video textures and as far as I can tell it works correctly.) Anyways here is a working playground version, or what should be happening, using clone. Here is the fubar version. It really is quite fubar, all sorts of different glitches. Like sometimes there is a big blue plane blocking one of the textures each time, sometimes the videos go at superspeed and don't seem to recognize where they are supposed to stop playing, sometimes one vid will play and not other, and ONE time, got it to work perfectly but couldn't reproduce after that. So I am at a loss. Anyone have any ideas? (also make sure to hit run after you load playground, on both of them. and left click to play the videos);