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Duplicated requests with load.audio in Firefox


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I have a really simple preloading code with Phaser v2.1.3 ( latest atm )

BasicGame.Preloader = function () {};BasicGame.Preloader.prototype = {    preload: function () {                this.load.image('orientation', 'assets/images/orientation.jpg');        this.load.image('background1', 'assets/images/background1.png');                this.load.audio('sound_1', ['assets/audio/1.ogg','assets/audio/1.mp3']);        this.load.audio('sound_2', ['assets/audio/2.ogg','assets/audio/2.mp3']);        this.load.audio('sound_3', ['assets/audio/3.ogg','assets/audio/3.mp3']);        this.load.audio('sound_4', ['assets/audio/4.ogg','assets/audio/4.mp3']);            },    create: function () {            },    update: function () {    }};

Every audio file is requested twice but the second request is aborted. Check out the attached firebug screenshot:




Anyone else noticed this strange behavior with Firefox 33.0.1 ?


Update: this is not happens in Phaser v2.0.7 with the same code. Maybe its a phaser bug?

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