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How do I do local scaling in 2.1.3


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I just recently upgraded from 2.1.0 to 2.1.3 and beside an exception with GraphicObjects needing a moveTo before lineTo, everything worked nearly as they used to. One bug that annoys me, and that I can't seem to fix has to do with scaling sprites.


In 2.1.0, whenever I scaled a sprite, it would scale it locally. So no matter it's rotation or it's group's rotation, X was the left to right side and Y the up/down. Now it seems to scale in the camera's X/Y axis. So if the sprite is rotated 45 degrees, it will become skewed. This of cause only happens if width and height scale is different.


Pictures of the problem attached; the flame coming out of the engines is what's interesting. They used to look like picture 1 no matter their rotation.


How would I make it work like it used to?


To scale I am just doing: sprite.scale.x = scaleX;



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