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Attach sprite behind sprite?


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so I'm working on a game and I'm wondering if there's an easy way to code the following. I have an animal sprite, with body, collision, gravity, animations etc all implemented and working like I want. But now I want to add a tail sprite to the animal.


animal.addChild(tail) works like I want only it puts the tail in front and I can't seem to change that. So I'm wondering if there's a simple way like to do the same thing only put it behind the first sprite.


I know you can do stuff with groups, maybe I have to here, but then I have to change how everything interacts with the animal don't I? P.S. it's a cat. :)



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Found this same problem some time before. Tried manually sorting the children array myself, but it seems that the parent ObjectContainer (Sprite in this case) will always be behind.

One simple solution that worked for me was to add the sprite I wanted to be on the back to a Group being under the rest of the objects, and update its position to match the parent on every update call.

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