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SpriteSheetLoader vs AtlasLoader vs JsonLoader


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I don't know if this is still of interest to you, but I had to load a Texturepacker spritesheet with PIXI.js recently and tried the AtlasLoader first without luck.

Then I discovered the SpritesheetLoader. This worked almost perfectly with TexturePacker's JSON export. 

One thing you have to turn off in TexturePacker's settings is "Allow rotation", this will not work with the PIXI loader.


Hope this helps :)

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I only really use jsonloader and assetloader but ill try to give a bit of info:


json loader loads json files. an example use for this could be to store level data in a json file, then to load it and a construct a level based on it.

spritesheetloader loads a png sprite sheet with an accompanying json file. Its use is so that all your artwork can be stored in 1 single png instead of lots of png files. Use a tool such as texturepacker to do this.

assetloader does the same as the above except I believe the differences are it also takes in single images and bitmap fonts.

atlas loader does the same as the spritesheetloader but it loads atlas files instead. (could be wrong on this one, I've only ever used it for loading spine animations. In my case it does the same as the above.)


This is all quite vague if you need a deeper explanation e.g. what is a json/spritesheet then feel free to ask.

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