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Simulate Pendulum in Arcade Physics


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Hi Folks,

I am developing a free game with the phaser framework. On my startScreen I want to have some kind of Army-Tags that are pinned to my background. To make it more fun I would like to have them swing with moving my phone.

I have no Problems getting the phone angle, neither making it swing with yoyo-tweens ... but ... when I want to adjust the angle of the sprite in the update phase (according to the phone-angle), this interfers with the swinging tween. Does anyone have a easy solution? Interrrupting the tween and changing the rotation doesn´t work. Or is there a way to place a changing variable in the tweens porperty?

I also played around with p2 a bit, but just for some gimming I don´t want to include p2 into the game.

Would be nice to find a solution. Although it is just a gimming, I would really like to have it in the game.




PS: added a screenshot of the homescreen to clarify my needs


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