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Phaser and Ooop !


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I am new to Phaser and I am going to be using JavaScript, coming from a Python background, using Oop !


May I ask, is Oop generally using with Phaser and JavaScript.


Would Oop be a good way to create games with Phaser and JavaScript.


This looks like a great Game engine. I can't wait to get stuck in.



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OOP is probably the only way to create something bigger than a simple demo scene. Example of a Sprite object in Javascript https://github.com/UgnisSoftware/Phaser-Starter-Kit/blob/master/public/javascripts/states/example/views/SpriteAnimated.js and example controller https://github.com/UgnisSoftware/Phaser-Starter-Kit/blob/master/public/javascripts/states/example/exampleController.js.

In reallity, code usually doesn't look that clean, this is how controller usually looks in reallity: https://github.com/UgnisSoftware/The-Lone-Wolf-Corp./blob/master/public/javascripts/states/space/SpaceController.js but the same OOP principles apply.

Also, you should probably give TypeScript a try, it makes OOP much cleaner and Phaser fully supports it.

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