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Hello community!


I was updating some old projects to the newest version of Phaser and I decided to do a little extra optimization so I replaced the phaser.min.js for phaser-no-physics.min.js (phaser/build/custom).


Obviusly the game doesnt use any kind of physics (as far as I think, it doesn't) so would be nice to use a lighter library. The problem is when I initialize the game, it doesn't work.


The chrome's console tells me this:


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Emitter' of undefined phaser-no-physics.min.js:10


I have been thinking about this and at the end I came with a question: Is Phaser-no-physics.min.js unable to manage particles with emitter? Is this the problem why I cant use this library? If not what could be?


Thank you!

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