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New Buttons doesn't work on Mobile browsers


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So I'm customizing the Flying Dog game, on death;


When the score and restart screen appears, I have added additional buttons, this work perfectly on desktop browsers but not on mobile browsers (iPhone, Andriod and iPad).


I followed how the restartButton was added to add the others, however it's not recognized on mobile.

I added the others like this -

var moreBut = new game.Sprite('media/info.png', -100, 275);moreBut.interactive = true;box.addChild(moreBut);moreBut.click = function() {            window.location.href =  "http://awesomesuace.com";        }

On web, I'm taken to the link no problem, but on mobile it doesn't recognize the click

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Change this:

backBut.click = function() {            window.location.href =  "http://awesomesuace.com";        }


backBut.touchstart = backBut.click = function() {            window.location.href =  "http://awesomesuace.com";        }
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That was actually a typo that I made when adding code to this forum, as I also have a moreBut button. I've updated the code to reflect me calling the correct button.


Still not working on moble, the following works perfectly on Web even with the touchstart, just not on mobile

 moreBut.touchstart = moreBut.click = function() {            window.location.href =  "http://awesomesuace.com";        }
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