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Noob: help understanding how to design game design (loop)


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I am a bit of a noob when it comes to game development and programming in general. I am quite good with PHP, and procedural type development, but I have never designed anything using prototype design or oop design. I have a clear image of how I want my game idea to work (even have an idea on what classes I would need), and have even tried to keep it rather simple and prototyped a couple static scenes, but I keep getting stuck when trying to stub out the design on paper as a rough guide for me to follow.


Can anyone recommend how they approach their design, or recommend how they would approach the design for my idea below? Any links to tutorials, videos, courses, etc is also welcome. I do have an account on pluralsight if anyone has anything to recommend (haven't found anything myself). 


My idea is quite simple, which was supposed to be the idea so I can easily start and finish a small project. It would be a game where your character moves from scene to scene fighting monsters and leveling up, and that is pretty much it to start. A scene in this game would simply be a stage which is the same height / width of the device/browser, and the character would move from left to right through the scene until reaching the end where it switches to the next scene, fighting any monsters in the way. I want to randomize a few prop placements in the scene to make it appear a bit different, and have a way to randomize different enemies (no enemies, regular enemy spawn, more than on enemy, etc). 


I don't need code examples (unless your offering :P), but how would you approach building the game loop and classes for this? I just need a bit of a nudge to confirm my feelings and get an idea of how others approach these types of projects. 


Hopefully you get the idea I am going for, any help or advice is appreciated.


Using Phaser BTW. 


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