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[2.1.3] Problem with texture "displayObject.texture is undefined"


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I recently updated my game to Phaser 2.1.3 from phaser 2.0.7

And I'm getting the following error in Chrome: 

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'crop' of undefined phaser.min.js:2085PIXI.Sprite._renderCanvas phaser.min.js:2085PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer._renderCanvas phaser.min.js:1761PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer._renderCanvas phaser.min.js:1761PIXI.CanvasRenderer.renderDisplayObject phaser.min.js:9178PIXI.CanvasRenderer.render phaser.min.js:9111Phaser.Game.update phaser.min.js:24547Phaser.RequestAnimationFrame.updateRAF

And the same error as it appears on Firefox

TypeError: this.texture is undefined

Does anyone else have this? Or is there some solution?


You can view the error and the source code here:  http://www.netgfx.com/trunk/games/Nightcast_213





Update: This somehow is related to "this.startButton = this.add.button((game.width/2) - 216, 300, 'menuPlay', this.startGame, this, 1, 0, 2);". The game adds images correctly but when it comes to buttons it throws the error.

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