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problem using cacheAsBitmap & masking


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I started learning Pixi yesterday and have learnt a lot already, but today I came across my first problem that I can't solve.  I'm making a board game and will be relying on cacheAsBitmap to speed up the drawing of the board which may contain hundreds of static sprites. I also need a rectangular mask on the board so that I can zoom in and out and move the board around inside the masked area (I already got this working).


First of all, the hit areas seems to get displaced when toggling the cacheAsBitmap a few times on a DisplayObjectContainer. Hovering the mouse over the board make the cursor change between a normal cursor and the pointing hand (buttonMode=true) in seemingly random places.  Even worse is that when applying a mask, everything changes position and sometimes even disappears. I haven't been able to find a pattern in this behavior so it's hard for me to explain whats going on. Instead take a look at this jsfiddle where a bunch of rectangles are masked in the center of the canvas:




Clicking the canvas will toggle cacheAsBitmap and after doing it a couple of times everything disappears or moves randomly. If I remove the mask, everything works as expected (though the first problem with wrong hit areas remains).


Am I doing something wrong here or could this be a bug (or two)? I'm using Google Chrome v38.



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