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Falling snowflakes


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I've been assigned to do some work creating a game where snowflakes fall from top to bottom, and you click to earn points etc, this is also my first proper go at game dev at all so there's a bit of a learning curve for me.


I've been looking through the documentation on-line, and couldn't find much relevant.


How would I go about creating the falling snowflakes?


Was thinking of having an array to hold each sprite/particle and when one is click record the score and then add a new one to start falling.


Any pointers or places to look for examples would be greatly appreciated.



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Have a look at the emitter in panda if you just want to simulate the visual effect of falling snowflakes. You can find the official example on the pandajs website. There are also some examples of emitters on: vermeire.home.xs4all.nl/panda.

In order to make them clickable you will have to use sprites and probably will need to pool them.

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