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How to get rid of these gaps?


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Hi there! 


I modified the code from pixi's rope object to allow mapping an arbitrary convex quadrilateral UV area to an arbitrary convex quadrilateral screen area, by splitting all of it into triangles and using affine transformations on them. This works well, except for miniscule gaps between quads which I cannot seem to get rid of:




These gaps do not seem to appear between the triangles that make up the quads, only between quads. I've tried drawing with a large overdraw value but it doesn't help. If I expand just the screen triangles and not the UV coordinates, the stuff ends up in the wrong place, and if I expand the UV coords along with the screeen coords, it looks exactly as if I never changed anything :(


Does anybody have an idea on what to do? 





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hahaaaaaa! i think i solved it :) I needed the overdraw, but I was clipping the triangles BEFORE i was applying it - further testing pending, after moving the clip() it seems to work! wootles.



edit: further testing reveals my joy was premature. still getting gaps.

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Generally, Firefox has different rounding methods throughout its Canvas rendering engine. It does a lot more rounding, making things faster sometimes, but less smooth.


... Anyway, this might be a bug in pixi.js, because Firefox can do anti-aliasing in canvas elements just like Chrome, but the naming is different. Not sure if that anti-alias stuff applies to webgl, though...

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