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iPhone 4S crashes due to memory pressure :(


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Hey all, I'm kind of at a loss here, so every input will be valuable..


I have a game that loads up to 80MB of RAM and about 60% CPU (used XCode for the metrics, and I'm using CocoonJS as the wrapper).


When I put the game in the background as soon as it finishes loading and open anything else like safari, appstore etc., the game crashes due to memory pressure...


I'm pretty sure 80MB is not much, since I believe large games (3d mostly) use a lot more?


Any hints or leads whether it's a pixijs issue or anything else? :/


Right now we released the game only to iPhone 5 and up because of this :(


Thanks a lot!

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Do you create or destroy many objects dynamically?  Are there any tight loops?




Not really, most assets are static. Thing is, I load my entire game into memory, including images, logic etc (hence the 80MB). There are only 2 images that are dynamic which I destroy when exiting the relevant "Screen". However, it crashes even if I don't enter any screen that load dynamic images...

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