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How to crop a RenderTexture


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Either there are serious flaws or im really stupid, i tried so many ways to somehow crop a renderTexture, but none worked, there are a few past entries in this forum and in other places that complain that you cant crop a rendertexture, all of the suggestions dont work currently.



(doesnt work)



(doesnt work)



No matter if i build a Rendertexture with 


rendertexture = tempContainer.generateTexture();


or with 


rendertexture .render(tempContainer);


i can display the rendertexture itself fine if i place it inside a sprite and add it to the stage.

But theres not a single technique i found to generate a subtexture it and then add it to the stage.


i tried new PIXI.Texture(rendertexture, x, y), i tried PIXI.Texture(rendertexture.baseTexture, x, y), i tried .crop, i tried .frame.


I don't know where to go from here.


Could anyone try if they can get it to work?

All i could accomplish is stretching it.


Thanks so much in advance, this is a core feature for my app and i appreciate any help!

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