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3dmax export and sceneload problems


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Hello everyone!


I am pretty new to BabylonJs and also 3dmax. Will someone give me some tips of using 3dmax to export a scene or a single mesh with animations? I can't barely find any instructions,here is a 3dMax file that I want to export to .babylon, I have export it and load it to a scene,here you can see the result http://yxmaker.com/testLoadScene/index.html ;the card1.zip  is What it looks like in 3dmax,it has an open up animation, and the card.zip is the .max file;The texture is too large to upload.....

Will someone check my file and find where is the wrong step I did? Thanks a lot ..

ps: I use 3dmax 2013 32bit.



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OK, it seems related to the bones. We're working on it. By the way, when you export a scene, take care of what is mentionned in the export window. Can be helpful.

thanks for your reply.I will keep learning ,now I am working on the samples ,hope that can help . thanks again; 

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I am testing it right now, and I got a new problem, when I call the function newScene.render(); I got this : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'frame' of undefined ;


Had the same error. Google brought me to this page so just giving my bit in case anyone else comes across the same error. Some how (and I can't replicate the error) I had more frames than the actual end frame ie 203 frames of 200 frames. Adjusted and rescaled timeframe and is working again. 

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