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Performance with huge Sprites


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I've got a part of my application which consists of a Google Maps kind of functionality. I've got a 11.000 pixels big image which contains a map and has to be movable by the user. This application is run on a 5892 x 1080 pixel display (built up by 3 Full HD televisions). 


For performance I already cut up the image in 100 JPG's and add them to a game.Container() and then I'm just moving the container around. This already seems to get me some performance gain, I guess the Pixi engine already takes care of the sprites outside the screen and makes sure those aren't rendered? That's great! 


I wondered if there are any more performance adjustments I could undertake? I already noticed switching WebGL on for the app significantly increases performance, though some other scene's seem to break down when using WebGL. I guess I'll have to go witch-hunting to figure out what's causing that, WegGL seems a must... 


Any more tips that anyone can give me? Thanks!

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