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Large Map Preformance


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Hello! I just started with Phaser the other day, and I am running into an issue.  I am using a camera, and a world with large bounds... The issue I have is i'd like to have a larger world, but at that size it runs very slowly (also takes ages to load)


The best I can get fluid motion at is around 2400x2400, but I'd like to bring it as high as 9600x9600, Is there a way to optimize this by only rendering tiles close to the viewport? My map is made up of several hundred 48x48 tiles, who's values are pulled from a JSON object.


Let me know if you need links or source or anything! again, I'm new to Phaser, so there may be something simple I'm missing.

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I am using tiled.  I got things working, but not with the plugin listed above, as of now a 900x900 viewport gives me 11FPS, not exactly smooth.  I tried following the code listed in the GIT but to no avail, is there a full project anywhere I can see it at work to compare and see what I'm doing wrong?

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