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(Pathfinder plugin + tiled map) player movement


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Hello all,

I'm pretty new on game development and I've chosen Phaser as the framework for our project.

We are a Brazilian dev team (to be honest we're just two atm lol).

The project home: http://www.in8game.com

Blog (Portuguese): http://www.in8game.com/blog/

And tests I'm doing with Phaser: http://www.in8game.com/prototipo/

Well, I've made some tests using the pathfinder plugin and it's cool.

I'd like to ask you what do you think would be the better approach to a point and click player movement using the pathfinder.

The player will have a "velocity" defined by the "vehicle" he is using atm.

Idk if maybe I can add a tween tile by tile using the plugin or if it's better to use some physics here.

Hope I made myself understandable.

Sorry about my poor English.

I'm willing to make something new and cool using Phaser to share with you guys.

Thanks in advance.

Rainer Lopez

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