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feeding data into tilemaps


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I was thinking about procedurally creating a dungeon like game..  and was thinking about using tilemaps.


is there anyway i can access the raw index of the tiles?


for example..


if i do


var atilemap = game.add.tilemaps();


is there a way i can do something like..


atilemap.data[j] = 0;


any help would be appreciated.


thank you

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      var map = game.add.tilemap();        map.addTilesetImage('tileimage');        var layer1 = map.create('level1', 40, 30, 32, 32);        var y = 19;        for (var x=10;x<30;x++) {            map.putTile(0,x, y, layer1);        }

Oh.. ok.. guess that will work.. 


although i was thinking about something like


var s = /* some long map data in csv or a javascript object*/

map.feeddata(s, layer1);

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