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[Share] 3D with Pixi


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I'm here to share my IUT project : Make 3D with Pixi.js

So okay, it's stupid cause Pixi.js is a 2D framework. But maybe you need to have some simple 3D models. :D

(For example, 3D cards animations in a 2D game, or 3D rotation of images, titles etc). I'm not sure if it's really usefull. And the code is very dirty and it should exist some ways to optimise it)


The documentation that talk about the way we did it is in a .pdf but it's in french. (But there is a lot of images)


Zip file : in attached files


Demo : http://ks3355883.kimsufi.com/3DPixi/projet.html


If you have any questions, i'll be glad to answer them.


Thanks to NeantLibre for his help.


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This looks great! Reminds me of old Flash style 3d like Papervision.


I have a project that needs this kind of functionality so I'll try it out soon.


Some questions:

- Have you made any support for mouse/touch events?

- Does the code support both canvas/web-gl renderer?

- Have you tested the code with PIXI 2.x?



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Hi !

Yes the principle is the same as Papervision or Away3D.


I'll continue this when i'll have some time, i need to implement an automatic z-index of the faces computed by their distance. It's will be fast cause getDistance is already defined.


-No events are available for the moment, this project is mainly a base to help others devellopers who want to implement this kind of functionality.

-It can support both renderer. But canvas renderer will lag with a lot of quads. Anyway, for best performances, you just have to make a pre-render in a web worker.

-Hum it should work with pixi 2.x, because the updateTransform who changed with the new release was totally rewritten .

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Hi again, just tested your code with the latest version of pixi and it seems like the rotations doesn't work correctly. Here is your scene with a newer version of pixi:


It seems like the scewing is working correctly but, the rotation is ignored?


I think I will go with a different solution for the current project, but thought you might want to know about the issue...



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Yes, but I need use three js, because there is a few models where I need to show in 3D and with pixi it could be difficult ... There is only problem with PIXI I found, because canvas is too big, but how I can improve performance of that? 


And sorry for slovak language but that editor will be in slovak

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