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switch to new state and store the score previous state


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Just store it outside of the state, for instance:

var score = 0;var state1 = {  create: function() {    console.log(score);  }}var state2 = {  create: function() {    console.log(score);  }}

How you structure your code is up to you, and the above is almost certainly not the way you'd want to do it, just a very simplistic example.

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this is my structure code

How can I pass the global score variable value to endState ?

(function (){var score = 0;var count = 0;var totalScore;var gameState = {    text: function() {     score = game.add.text(game.world.centerX+190,40,"0",{font: "14pt house-a-rama-kingpin",fill: "#ffffff"});   }   button: function() {     score.setText(count+=5);   }}var endState = {    create: function() {         totalScore = game.add.text(game.world.centerX,game.world.centerY + 80,'0\n',totalStyle);         totalScore.setText(score);   }}})();
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the code you wrote should be working fine, what problem are you getting with it? 


the method mentioned by lewster works great, but if you ever need to pass variables to a state without making them global you can pass them on the game.state.start function.


game.state.start('state', true, false, param1,param2,param3);

in your case it will be:

game.state.start('End', true, false, score);


var endState = {   var Score;    init: function(parameter1){//Note: the parameters passed on game.state start are sent to the init function(if it exists)       Score = parameter1;    }    create: function() {         totalScore = game.add.text(game.world.centerX,game.world.centerY + 80,'0\n',totalStyle);         totalScore.setText(Score);   }}


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sinanqd10, the idea is correct in your sample, but you appear to be getting your variables muddled up - you're setting 'score' initially to 0, then you're setting it to a Text object and using 'count' to set the value, and then in the endState you're trying to set another text object with the previous 'score' text object, when in fact you should probably be using 'count':

(function (){// you can separate multiple variable declarations/assignments with a commavar scoreText, totalScoreText, score = 0;var gameState = {    text: function() {     scoreText = game.add.text(game.world.centerX+190,40,"0",{font: "14pt house-a-rama-kingpin",fill: "#ffffff"});   }   button: function() {     scoreText.setText(score+=5);   }}var endState = {    create: function() {         totalScoreText = game.add.text(game.world.centerX,game.world.centerY + 80,'0\n',totalStyle);         totalScoreText.setText(score);   }}})();
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